1. Gandalf for sketch dailies

  2. 7 Days of color Orange Yellow and Green! 

  3. Victoria Ying started 7 Days of color, and gosh darnit I’m gonna do my best to keep up! 

  7. Fun evening cool down exercise. Big canvas, a little time on the clock… Fill it up!

  8. My Little Ponies…from mars? For Sketch Dailies…Invaders from mars!

  9. It can be hard to tell when a piece is finished. Especially with very detailed environment paintings. This piece was very much out of the norm for me when I completed it. Way more saturation and organic forms than I usually draw, but it was a fun challenge. I set it aside for a few weeks and revisited it to tighten up some loose ends and give it that extra 10 percent. There’s still things I am not happy with, but thats all I have time for now. Upward and Onward! 

  10. Iron Giant theme for #Sketch_Dailies !