1. Fun evening cool down exercise. Big canvas, a little time on the clock… Fill it up!

  2. Sketch Dailies Batman Day! Having fun doing some quicker sketches instead of rendering everything so much. Pretty fun to work with different styles.

  3. My Little Ponies…from mars? For Sketch Dailies…Invaders from mars!

  4. It can be hard to tell when a piece is finished. Especially with very detailed environment paintings. This piece was very much out of the norm for me when I completed it. Way more saturation and organic forms than I usually draw, but it was a fun challenge. I set it aside for a few weeks and revisited it to tighten up some loose ends and give it that extra 10 percent. There’s still things I am not happy with, but thats all I have time for now. Upward and Onward! 

  5. Iron Giant theme for #Sketch_Dailies !

  6. An homage to the only comic book I own, the dark knight returns by dccomics . But this time it’s bat girl!

  7. Grim reaper for Sketch Dailies!

  8. I made this tutorial for a co worker today, so I figured i might share it with the internet in hopes it helps any one that might struggle with painting electricity. This is the method I use, it may not be scientifically accurate but I am pretty happy with the results. More step by steps to come soon!

  9. The wild things are slowly multiplying

  10. Another Sketch Dailies collaboration with Dylan Ekren , super talented artist. Tons of fun , love working together with people to make awesome art!